Gray Jay Bird

Gray Jay BirdThe Gray Jay Bird is a widespread resident of North America’s boreal and sub-alpine coniferous forests. Occupation of permanent all-purpose territories in such climatically hostile biomes is made possible by this bird’s unusual food storage behavior. Copious sticky saliva from enlarged salivary glands is used to fasten food items in trees, food that is used extensively by pairs throughout the winter and even during other times of the year.

Typically by the age of two years old, Gray Jay bird will breed. Pairs are monogamous and remain together for their lifetime, but it will find another mate following the disappearance or death of their partner. Gray jay pairs breed during March and April, depending on latitude, in permanent, all-purpose territories. Second broods are not attempted, perhaps allowing greater time for food storage.

This species nests during late winter in cold, snowy, and apparently foodless conditions, with eggs incubated at temperatures as low as -30° C. Second broods or replacement nests are not attempted in the seemingly more favorable May-June breeding period used by other boreal passerines. Once fledged, young stay in the natal territory until early June, when the dominant brood-member expels its siblings. Juveniles (dominant and expelled) remain on their natal or adopted territories until the next breeding season begins, when they are expelled in turn by adults. Thus, Gray Jay Bird does not breed cooperatively, with young lingering on to help at the nest, as various other species of jays are known to do.

Gray jays are omnivorous.  They eat small mammals, nestling birds, carrion, fungi, fruits, and seeds.  Occasionally, Gray jay bird also eat live prey.

Gray jay bird themselves are consumed by several bird species including great gray owls, northern hawk-owls, and Mexican spotted owls.  They warn each other of predators by whistling alarm notes, screaming, chattering, or imitating, and/or mobbing predators.

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